We offer a professionalized approach to traditional bookkeeping practices, periodic financial statements, cash flows and reconciliations. Neoserve team consists of talented and experienced accountants to help you with your bookkeeping services in compliance to internationally recognized standards

Why worry about routine Bookkeeping services and International Accounting procedures when you can outsource this tedious job to us. You will save your time and energy! Our team remains up to date with latest International Accounting Standards and statutory regulations.
Our variety of Bookkeeping services include complicated Tax calculations and Payroll administration.

Whether at your office or ours, we create a workplace for your accounting related activities and Bookkeeping services. In a one to one client meeting we begin by trying to understand individual requirements and educate our clients on statutory and customary regulations for maintaining ledgers and Controls. We can keep track of your payables and receivables, invoices, disbursements and bills and withdrawals.
We Help you prepare

– Periodic Financial Statements
– Bank Reconciliations
– Ledger Accounts
– Payroll Accounting
– VAT Calculations

And that is not all! We fully recognise maintaining your accounts is not just a statutory requirement but also an essential part of making strategic decisions regarding profitability, growth and sustainability. We also help you stay informed regarding:

– Cash flow
– Profitability
– Performance ratios
– Collection of purchase invoices and expenses and recording of payments
– Preparation of sales invoices and recording of debt collection
– Reconciliations of Receivables and Payables