Banking Services

Neoserve will assist businesses and individuals in opening bank accounts at major banks in Cyprus and abroad. We cooperate with reputable Banking Institutions and act as introducers to a number of banks, thus enabling us to certify documents for the banks.
The following Banking Services are provided

– Introduction and opening of corporate and personal bank accounts in Cyprus and abroad
Types of accounts: Current, Fixed Deposit, Escrow, Merchant, Custodial and Investment Accounts
– Help you in the administration of your bank accounts and provision of bank signatory if required
– Assistance with arranging on-line banking services
– Assistance in arranging credit and debit cards
– Letters of Credit
– Represent you with the bank management to resolve issues
– Assistance with finding and renting a safe deposit box for your valuables

Proper due diligence and “know-your-client” procedures are followed by our firm in providing its services, as provided by Cyprus and EU Law.