Insolvency Practices

There are situations where for several reasons a company cannot continue operating and either voluntarily or under creditors’ demand the company is put on liquidation.

Neoserve can work both on behalf of the creditors, or the company, in order to run all the procedures needed until the company is deleted from the Registrar of Companies or until the creditors reach an agreement with the company.

We offer through our associates our expertise and advice in the following areas


Our associates have in depth experience of being appointed as receivers and have proved to offer excellent quality of work that increases returns for the creditors. There is expertise in many sectors of the economy namely hotel industry, manufacturing industry, real estate and wholesale trading.


In situations where the company’s shareholders decide to voluntarily liquidate the company we can assist in following all procedures until the company is deleted from the Registrar of Companies register. This will entail various shareholders and creditors meetings, realising the company’s assets and settling its liabilities. This is a very time consuming procedure and it involves, among others, communications with the relevant authorities