Taxation Service and Planning

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Are you worried about ever changing tax laws and how to manage your taxes appropriately and timely? Our team can help you achieve just that. You can easily outsource this state-imposed responsibility to us with surety of unmatched quality and results.

The numerous tax incentives and double taxation treaties make Cyprus ideal for international tax planning purposes. We keep current on tax laws and legislation, so that we are in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities and provide our individual and corporate clients with the taxation expertise and knowledge that they deserve.

It is vital to stay ahead and be proactive in annual tax calculations. Our competent accountants can carry out a detailed review to determine a relevant tax structure/strategy for your enterprise. Such detailed reviews result in valuable tax savings for you.

Neoserve offers you excellent tax advice that can

– Minimise your tax liability
– Optimise your tax position
– Bring to your knowledge the available relief, tax losses and deferment opportunities.
– Ensure you do not fall short of any deadlines and file your returns correctly on your behalf, thereby avoiding penalties.
– Represent you with the tax authorities.

We also offer the following Taxation services

– International Tax Planning
– Set structures for multinational clients to ensure maximisation of tax savings
– The use of double tax treaties in international tax planning
– The efficient profit repatriation
– Corporate tax services
– Preparation of tax provisions
– Preparation and filing of corporate tax returns
– Preparation and submission of self-assessment forms for corporations and individuals
– Advise on the amount and timing of tax payments
– Private client Tax Services
– Preparation of tax computations and tax returns
– Income tax planning
– Assistance with enquiries from tax authorities
– Advise on the amount and timing of tax payments