Company Formation

Valuation is the process of determining the current worth of an asset or a company. There are many techniques used to determine value. A valuer has to decide what a willing buyer is willing to pay a willing seller, assuming both parties enter the transaction willingly.

Neoserve finance and accounting expertise, combined with the use of sophisticated valuation methodologies, can carry out a fair valuation even in the most complex situations.

We can provide independent and well supported valuation processes that help clients identify, measure and realise the value of their assets.

– Valuation services include
– Share and business valuations
– Tangible and intangible assets valuations
– Corporate restructuring
– Issuance of new shares
– Liquidation
– Impairment tests
– Opinion on fairness reports
– Dispute resolution reports.

We have expertise in valuations ranging from the small local company where a shareholder decides to sell his/her stake to international multimillion companies. We can provide valuations of companies to the shareholders or to other interested parties including share valuations for the purposes of share disposal.

Where we consider it necessary we use the services of reputable third parties. For instance where there is real estate in the company’s balance sheet we will use the services of professional and reputable real estate valuers to ascertain the value. When there are bonds or equity traded in stock exchanges we will use the values traded in those stock exchanges (i.e. New York Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange etc) as well as Bloomberg or Cbonds.